Easter Chicken Gun APK Download for Android (Private Server)

A new private server for the game Chicken Military Gun called Easter Chicken Gun has just been released. New maps, skins, weaponry, and other features that are available in the official gaming app's premium bundle present.
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Another Android gift for fans of intense chicken fights is Easter Chicken Gun – Private server. Would you like to add more free and modified qualities to Chicken Gun to make it more interesting? Download the Easter Chicken app if that’s what you need. On this brand-new private server, you can experiment with a variety of fresh themes, maps, and other items that

This brand-new private server gives game enthusiasts access to a variety of goodies that may be unlocked for free. You must read through to the very conclusion if you are interested in learning everything there is to know about the server and its advantages. However, you can start the APK download in the background.

What is the purpose of the Easter Chicken Gun?

A modified private server called Easter Chicken Gun APK is available for the well-known action game Chicken Gun. A vast variety of guns, skins, battle passes, instantly kills, high damage and holiday gifts are available in this brand-new private area. It also includes Christmas-related things like presents, snow, toys, skins, and a few more.

How Do I Utilise My Server?

The most recent app for the game must be downloaded by the gamers from this page to be included with the official title. You must select the Servers option in the official game after integrating this private server. The recently introduced options are located there. To access new maps, tasks, game types, rewards, and other items, you must enable it.

Of course, having access to newly developed things is made possible by a private server. But, you can also have the official game’s mod version if you are an enormous fan of the official game and all of its features. Everything is unlocked in the official game’s mod version, including official servers, maps, skins, weapons, outfits, and more.

Understanding Between Chicken Gun Mod and Private Server

The Easter Chicken Gun and the Mod of the original game differ in a few ways. For your understanding, I will carefully outline some of the most significant distinctions.

The official mod for the game:

The official game offers lots of game modes, maps, and tools. On the other hand, aside from the weaponry, the official materials, maps, and game modes are not accessible in the пpиватный сервер. Thus, it defines the official game mod from the home version.

The Easter Chicken Gun’s principal features

There are a few key elements that I would love to discuss with the audience because Easter Chicken Gun is my primary subject. The key features are listed here below; read them before proceeding to the download link.

Unique and Special Maps:

Unleash-specific and unique maps are a further interesting aspect of the Easter Chicken Gun Apk. You can explore and enjoy the distinct circumstances, structures, settings, and landscapes found on these maps. Additionally, you can choose to challenge other players to PvP combat on certain maps.

Release Every Weapon:

You can obtain the weapons you want and earn some cash without having to finish a tonne of missions and challenges. You may unlock any officially sanctioned weapon, including shotguns, snipers, AK-47s, handguns, rocket launchers, and more, by accessing the modified server.

Discover Easter Resources & Gifts:

Several Easter presents, including eggs, can be unlocked with it. Snowy maps brimming with Christmas presents are also available. Buildings covered in toys and decorations that are appealing. The players can access all of these incredible prizes and resources with the free package.

Easter Chicken Gun private server benefits

Due to the private player’s work is not linked to the official servers, you can use tricks to further enhance the gaming experience. You will therefore be able to access the following:

  • rapid motion;
  • rapid access to special skins and awards;
  • boosting the battle pass’s level;
  • eliminates quickly and wins quickly.
  • all kinds of handguns, including machine guns, pistols, fireworks, and knives;

Given the previous advantages of Easter Chicken Gun and the fact that it offers unrestricted access to resources—something not found in other exclusive games—this project is among the best. Here’s another game you can play if you’d like. Have fun! Dickmon X APK

How to Install the Easter Chicken Gun – Private Server APK

On this page, you can find the working link for downloading the Chicken game To install the app on your Android phone, utilize the link below and follow the instructions.

  • Launch the File Manager application and navigate to the Downloads folder.
  • Next, press and hold the Easter Chicken Gun Apk.
  • Use the link provided at the top of the page, or tap the Download link provided at the bottom.
  • Click on the install option.
  • Hold off for a brief moment.
  • Start the game.


A new private server for the game Chicken Military Gun called Easter Chicken Gun has just been released. New maps, skins, weaponry, and other features that are available in the official gaming app’s premium bundle are also available on this server. Still, by downloading and installing the most recent version of the related app, users can unlock every content, including coins, in an infinite amount. Please check apkfly.org for additional games if you’re interested.

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