Lucifer Idle Mod APK V (Latest Version) Download For Android

The game features an elegant 2D animation style and impressive skill effects, along with regular events and updates that keep gameplay fresh and exciting.
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Lucifer Idle
13 May 2024
381 MB
Android 5.0 and above
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Lucifer Idle Mod Apk is an exciting tale of revenge and growth for an angel banished from Heaven. Experience endless battles using various skills that you can combine into timed combos for unforgettable battles!

The game features an elegant 2D animation style and impressive skill effects, along with regular events and updates that keep gameplay fresh and exciting. Also, try this new game Subway Surfers APK  it will contain more features.

What is Lucifer Idle Mod Apk

Explore the amazing tale of Lucifer, an angel expelled from heaven. Conquer powerful bosses and collect legendary artifacts on your quests through challenging yet rewarding missions!

Each monster defeated in battle contributes to Lucifer’s increasing fighting power and skills are enhanced with stunning visual effects for an engaging experience. Furthermore, the automatic battle system allows players to focus more on plot and gameplay while strengthening their character through strength-boosting.

Players can further enrich their experience by forging alliances with other players through the game’s unique social features. Alliance events and challenges offer exclusive rewards while creating an exciting multiplayer experience.

Features of Lucifer Idle Mod Apk

  • The game offers an engaging narrative that draws players into Lucifer, a fallen angel who seeks growth and revenge. Additionally, its unique mechanics and automated battle system create an enjoyable gameplay experience.
  • The 2D animation style and chibi characters of the protagonist and his supporting cast make for an appealing visual display, while skill effects add visual flair to combat gameplay.
  • Additionally, the three-dimensional nature of the game adds depth to gameplay by encouraging exploration and re-playability. Finally, its extensive skill tree offers plenty of options for both passive and active gaming experiences.
  • The game’s offline progression system enables casual gamers to continue making progress even when not actively playing, which makes the experience particularly appealing for casual gamers who wish to see their empire expand over time. Furthermore, regular in-game events and content updates help foster player engagement while keeping gameplay fresh. Furthermore, its captivating narrative, deep strategic gameplay, and dynamic battle system have proven immensely popular among idle gaming fans.


Lucifer Idle Mod Apk is a novel idle game created by Mobirix to take players on an extraordinary journey of revenge and personal development. A mobile game like Lucifer Idle shows just how far mobile gaming can take us when used as an effective storytelling medium.

The gameplay in Monster B.F.F is both simple and addictive: your main character automatically fights monsters that appear, with every enemy earning gold that can level up and strengthen their character – as well as access various skill effects to add even more excitement during battles!

This game also has an automatic progression system, meaning the game continues to generate resources and progress even when the player isn’t actively with it. This gives the player a sense of progress even when they aren’t actively playing their idle game!


Lucifer Idle Mod Apk offers players a captivating gaming experience. Showcasing an intriguing tale of revenge and growth, the game immerses players into the world of a fallen angel hoping to redeem himself.

This game offers a strategic element to its gameplay through resource management, minion deployment, and building upgrades – providing a sense of progress and achievement that encourages players to keep playing the game.

The game features an intuitive alliance system that enables players to interact with one another, building community. Furthermore, a wide array of cool skill effects add visual flair and tactical depth during battle – creating an unforgettable mod-and-slash adventure! Furthermore, modded versions of this game further intensify these elements, providing greater attack power, enhanced defense capability, as well as other bonuses for enhanced gameplay experiences.

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