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Free VPN Planet is designed especially for people who use the internet for the majority of their daily activities. It is especially beneficial for users who wish to keep their surfing secure and secret.
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Are you angry and tired of having your internet activity tracked by the authorities or even harmful websites? Next, you must download and set up the Free VPN Planet app. It is an app that offers VPN services for basic Android user needs, such as secure browsing, online privacy protection, unblocking restricted websites and applications, etc.

An Android app called Free VPN Planet offers people a free virtual private network service. It shields users from websites and organizations that steal their personal information by extending all internet traffic through an imaginary IP address or location. As a result, users can stream films, browse the internet safely, and carry out other online chores without difficulty.

XNXUBD VPN This VPN set offers some other helpful features. It is widely used to protect Android users’ online privacy and encrypt internet connections to block websites and bodies that take advantage of users’ data without a license. Comparably, customers can make use of other benefits including flawless gaming and movie watching.

What is a Free VPN Planet APK?

Users can access blocked websites and apps since the app offers a wide variety of IPs or server locations. You may easily start a VPN connection and access apps that are blocked in your country mostly social media apps, games, and even mature websites without having to leave your current location.

This virtual private network app meets the needs of people who are not experts. Users can choose between two primary packages: basic and premium. However, limited servers and IP addresses are available to freemium users, which are typically sufficient for some users. On the other hand, consumers can access over 60 sites with the premium edition.

key features of the Free VPN Planet App

The Free VPN Planet App can shield Android users from shady websites and organizations. It also offers smooth streaming, an improved gaming experience, and other features in addition to unbanning games and apps. However, I will briefly go over a few more of the app’s capabilities in the paragraphs that follow.

Unblock Apps and Internet Resources That Are Blocked:

Numerous governments attempt to censor and regulate content on the internet. On the other hand, this app lets users get around geographical limitations and hide their IP addresses. Therefore, by just covering their true locations, users may easily access all of the stopped websites, apps, games, and other internet services without having to relocate to another nation.

Limitless Perusing:

Various internet services, such as websites and applications, impose restrictions on particular nations. Nonetheless, there are no restrictions on internet viewing when using the Free VPN Proxy by Planet VPN App. All online services, including adult films, that are blocked in your nation may be unlocked using it.

Fast-paced gaming and streaming experience:

With its support for the IKEv2 protocol, this free VPN software provides a dependable and quick internet connection. As a result, it makes gaming on Android devices fluid and lag-free possible. Similar to that, it speeds up streaming and offers at all times high-quality viewing without buffering.

Secure and Dependable Web Viewing:

The app offers to give its customers dependable and safe internet browsing. As a result, it uses the IKEv2 protocol, which is well-known for its reliability and security as well as offering quick internet access. Using certain codes and keys, this protocol protects the data sent between mobile devices and servers.

Simple Instructions for Android Users to Download and Install Free VPN Planet APK

  • Click the “Download” button on this page.
  • Give it a little time.
  • Access the home screen of Android.
  • Locate the Unknown Sources option under the security settings.
  • Allow unidentified sources.
  • Launch a file management software.
  • Go to the downloads directory and open it.
  • Select the APK file by clicking.
  • Press and hold the button to install.
  • Give it a little time.
  • Launch the application right now.
  • Have fun with it.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Free VPN Planet

Before you download and use the app on your Android devices, let’s discuss some of its advantages and disadvantages.


  • Provides IP addresses and server locations for free.
  • Robust encryption and private settings.
  • Compatible with several devices.
  • Users may browse the internet without having their online activity or history tracked thanks to the No Log policy.
  • Terminate the switch option.


  • While the majority of server locations and IP addresses are paid for, it does provide a small number of free ones.
  • You have to register for an account on the app.


Is there no cost to use the Free VPN Planet App?

No, it provides consumers with both free and premium subscriptions.

Are there suitable IP addresses or server locations available in the app’s free version?

In reality, the free package offers customers access to five free servers.

Is using it completely safe?

It is secure to use and even shields you from malicious websites, groups, and hackers.


Free VPN Planet is designed especially for people who use the internet for the majority of their daily activities. It is especially beneficial for users who wish to keep their surfing secure and secret. Moreover, it aids consumers in saving their gadgets against cybercrime. To experience fluid gameplay and quick streaming, download the most recent version of the app and unblock online services that are blocked in your area.

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