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The classic version of the game, Old Brawl Stars, allows users to access the same brawlers, interface, controls, and other features
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Gamers who enjoy action games often play multiplayer versions of them. I’m back, with another action-packed game called Old Brawl Stars and Old Penny Brawl Stars for Android users. The traditional brawlers, fighting strategies, and other features from the previous Brawl Sarts game are still available to players.

Among action games for Android and a few other platforms, BS is without a doubt one of the most played titles. like the one I’m reviewing here, Multi Brawl APK, and Magic Brawl APK. That’s why a lot of the players use Android to play it.

What is Old Brawl Stars?

The video game you used to play on your Android smartphone is called Old Brawl Stars. The old edition’s classic soldiers, battle plans, game modes, and other features are the only things that set it apart from the more recent Brawl Stars updates or modifications.

Some individuals find it difficult to let go of things they once cherished. The same holds for those players who still remember playing the original Brawl Stars game from a few years ago. In light of this, a fan has created a private server or modified version of the game where you can play the previous iteration of the title.

Without a doubt, the more recent versions offer superior graphics, more game options, additional brawlers, and other features. Even so, several fighters are still unavailable in the most recent game updates or in the modified versions that you may get from numerous unaffiliated websites or App Stores.

There are a lot of features that you will encounter when you install and use the classic edition. But a few, which include star points, particular events, interface, and a few maps, might motivate you. The game that is offered on this page has an extensive list of such classic features.

Important Features:

I’m talking about the salient characteristics of the previous gaming software that I posted on this website here. For your benefit, I will mention a few of those characteristics below.

Star Ratings

You can’t gain Star points to enhance your fighters and send them into battle with the ability to destroy your adversaries. You can take advantage of that benefit in the game’s prior edition, so you don’t need to worry.

Things that Happen

Even while you can’t be upset about the events in the most recent Brawl Stars upgrades, you will undoubtedly experience them if you still miss the earlier, legendary occurrences. To access some classic events, simply remove the current update from your Android phone and install the one I published on the internet.

Old skins and interfaces

Apart from a few color combinations, the interface hasn’t changed all that much. On the other hand, the differences between the skins available for the new fighters and the ones for the older brawlers are readily apparent. Since so many skins were available in this edition, they are no longer available in the latest versions.

Controls for the game

A large number of gamers have grown familiar with the previous game controls. As a result, you might find it difficult to operate the more recent controls smoothly. Nonetheless, the Old Brawl Stars Game allows you to revert to the original controls.

How Can I Get Old Brawl Stars APK and Install It on My Android Device?

  • To install the game on your phone, carefully follow the instructions.
  • Even if you have mods, start by uninstalling the most recent versions of the game.
  • Next, use the link provided at the ‘top of this page to get the Old Brawl Stars.
  • Next, launch File Manager, then navigate to the Downloads folder.
  • Since the file you got from this page has an Android phone extension, find it now.
  • Click on the file now, then choose Install.
  • To finish the installation, give it a few seconds.
  • Next, launch the game and have fun.


Is there any way to play the Old Brawl Stars Game?

It does indeed function flawlessly. because it is a mod or private server and not a part of the official gaming software. Hence, you are still able to download and use this game.

Is it possible to download and play this game for free?

Indeed, it is exclusively a free-to-play action game.

Is it possible for me to download the game’s older version from the Play Store?

No, you are unable to install Play Store mods or previous versions.

Is this game easy to use?

Yes, this game is easy to use.


The classic version of the game, Old Brawl Stars, allows users to access the same brawlers, interface, controls, and other features. Get the game’s most recent version from the link provided only on this page if you’re interested in giving the classic edition.

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